So you ask the question, “what comes to mind as we acknowledge the “anniversary” of the COVID pandemic?”

The COVID affliction must act as a wake up call. This is what comes to my mind through the feelings transmitted from my heart.

How can it be that in a time of such advanced technology, we are saddled with a deadly pandemic? The profound truth is that the human species intellectually and technologically has far exceeded its development emotionally and spiritually. The alleged “ powers that be” are like infants and toddlers clinging to their intellectual property and technological advances as if they were precious toys. The reality is that they are fragments of possibilities that cannot be used effectively.

Time to be fully present to the reality that as we are all separate whole beings we are also deeply interconnected. Our lives are all linked together in a meticulously intelligent woven fabric that is the tapestry of life. This COVID pandemic is proof of that.

The urgent imperative now is to face honestly that the reality of the deterioration of our earth’s ecosystem continues on and is hitting our human species as well as other species going extinct. It’s the dangerous byproduct of an ignorant and arrogant lack of awareness of the interconnection to all of life. This to my mind is what’s perpetuating the sustained depletion of an ecosystem that is currently consuming life itself.

This cannot go on. The COVID pandemic is calling us out. We must listen. If we continue on with the exploitation of resources which continues to poison and suck dry our life sustaining necessities to live and thrive then there will be a continued perpetration of more fatal diseases. This is taking place even at this very moment, as life sustaining creatures and insects continue to die off. The very microcosm that supports the macrocosm which sustains life on earth is dying.

This COVID nightmare we are witnessing must be the wake up call needed to shift to a whole new paradigm in health care. Health care that is mindful of the natural healing energy contained within our bodies that is transmitted from our soul to heart and then mind to body. In other words I am strongly suggesting a health care system that is based on holism. While allopathic western traditional medicine and practice does have its place it negates the very premise of the basic dignity and intelligence of the body. Most allopathic medicine focuses on preventing death whereas holistic medicine and practice focuses on supporting life. Holistic medicine stimulates health through supporting the integrity of the body and mind through practices that enhance our wellness of being.

For your vaccines to be truly effective and to reverse this COVID pandemic nightmare the integrity of its healing effects must be rooted in holism. Holistic health care is based on respecting the innate instinctual healing capacities that naturally occur within our very being that are stimulated to sustain life. This along with the conscious choice to practice ways to live that perpetuates sustained good living for all people and the planet Earth herself is what this COVID pandemic is here to open our hearts and minds to.

In light of the above recommendation it is crucial that health care should not remain in the hands of big corporations, big Pharma, big Insurance companies or big business of any kind. Big business and a profit oriented health industrial complex continues to flourish while too often many are left in worst shape than before they even sought out medical care. The profit motive practices of the health industrial complex serves to disempower folks leaving them to the stress of financial loss due to overly priced and often unnecessary expensive practices that do more harm than good. It’s quite a lucrative business, the profit motive medical practice of killing off the diseases brought about by the fossil fuel industry and chemical industrial complex. Thus outrageously perverting and destroying any vestige of the Hippocratic Oath “to do no harm.”

Health care is and must be a service not a business. As such our economy and ecosystem must address and serve the health and well being of all peoples. The Jungian psychologist Marion Woodman states that “We live in a predominantly Christian culture that has lost its connection to the symbolism of wafer and wine. Lacking spiritual sustenance there is a genuine hunger and thirst. The Archetypal structure behind the wafer and wine is slowly giving way to a new configuration but we are in chaos during the transition.” I see the COVID pandemic as a visceral expression of this chaos that strongly necessitates transformation and change. A change that not only addresses the pandemic but that must incorporate a systemic change to the way we approach health. This then may serve to effectively bring about a new outlook on our economic systems. We have an opportunity to once and for all transform our collective primary focus into practical actions that centers on dealing with the current existential Climate crisis.

In response to the above question then I affirm that this horrid affliction in the form of the COVID pandemic becomes the ultimate wake up call I believe it is meant to be. This could very well be the cleansing cathartic moment that moves us forward towards a practical integrative healthy use of our resources. This is the moment to reawaken the art and skill of healing based on the integration of science and spirituality.

I would like to see the outcome of the COVID pandemic to be a new understanding of the practices that perpetuate health, well being and a good dignified life for all. I would like a world where all people and creatures are supported by a health care system that is formulated as a service used in the maintenance of life, health and well being for All.


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